The GEAR + 1 are back at Chop Shop Jan 13, 2023. This place is so special to me, I chronicle each performance as part of the Chop Shop series. This is the 4th time, and here’s why it’s gonna be special: i moved my sessions from a mac to a PC, just so i could use a new computer program called “Hive,” which I’m currently beta testing for my friend Vince Naples (aka DRMBT). It allows real-time video manipulation that I connect to the music. Hard to explain, so come to the show for more details.

Buy tix here.


new album in the works, tentatively titled “GETPERMANENT”. !!!! the title comes from something my daughter used to say for when she was getting determined to do something.

here’s how these things work: i have two weeks in my studio with no ideas at all and very few other obligations, and i will make a bunch of little seeds from scratch, then i’ll spend a year or so bringing them to fruition. if you wanna help out, sign up on my patreon. i will post updates of how things are going there.



WHAT?! I’m headlining CHOP SHOP. THE Chop Shop, the one with the HUGE LED SCREEN.

Everything about this show is gonna be huge, including the room. The room is huge and I need to pack the place so they will continue to let me use their LED wall. So please come! Here, I’ve made it easy, here’s a button that takes you to buy a ticket:

New Single – Which is Worse

I just released a new single and music video. It took a good year to finish, features my daughter Elvis and a lot of very cool color work.

The song has the amazing Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins, Filter, Morrissey) on drums and Joe Re (Mungion, The Coop) on piano.

I also sent an 8 part email series on the making of the song and the video, it turned out to be very powerful stuff. Sign up for mailing list here and I’ll send it all to you.

You can buy the track on bandcamp by clicking here.


Charlie Otto, the founder and lead singer of Grood, This Must be the Band, and DJ noDJ is playing a huge solo electronic show at Chop Shop on Oct 9.

It’s a very danceable and multi-media experience – Chop Shop has a pristine sound system and a huge LED wall behind the stage that will brightly project all Charlie’s music videos, synced to the music with the help of his trusty GEAR that couldn’t possibly fale_


Opening for Crosseyed and Phishless. As usual, Charlie will *attempt* to livestream the show on fb, you can see details for that here: