new album from J. Yellin

I produced an album for longtime friend and collaborator J. Yellin, I think it turned out pretty well. Sounds like Beck and Pete Yorn. Drums by another good friend Nate Urbansky, mix and master by good friend Rollin Weary.

Here is the Spotify link:

new music video “mow the lawn”

“mow the lawn” is a phrase used by Israeli officials and think tanks referring to their periodic bombing of Gaza, which is a place where 2M humans, half of them children,have been trapped by Israel for 20 years.


The video features translations of actual quotes from Israeli officials about the current lawnmowing, which is by far the worst yet, and the quotes reveal that they plan on cutting the blades of grass down past their roots this time, unless we stop them.

Chicago Show Nov 17

The GEAR + I are playing Martyrs’ on Chicago November 17. This venue is special to me, probably because I used to work there, I met my wife and art partner Kasey Foster there, and the owners Ray Quinn and Kate Hill are my mentors and benefactors. Maybe the most pertinent reason is that in my opinion it’s the best sounding room in the city.
EGI boasts a virtuoso drummer named Drew Littell, and I’ve played with him in a bunch of projects, so he’s gonna join me for a couple songs. If you want to see a very weird video i did with him that has nothing to do with his drumming, click here.

We are the first act of the night. Doors are at 8, we probably go on around 8:30. Click this link to get tickets in advance, cuz it might sell out.